Market Research

We work across the spectrum of property sectors from retail to childcare, aged care to residential, tourism and commercial, and with an extensive network of data providers and partners we have access to a range of innovative platforms and big data sources.
Demographic Analysis and Customer Profiling

Find and target your ideal customer audience today. Think Economics leverages key technology and data assets to help you both target consumers better and improve the effectiveness of your communications.

Competitor Analysis and Shadow Shopping

Know your competitors better through detailed profiling and targeted shadow shopping. Unlock market gaps and get key business intel such as pricing, customer/buyer insights, and how they advertise and sell.

Human Movement Data Analysis

Get real time insights into human movements such as where people live, where they work and shop and how they get there.

Mobile Device Data is a game-changer for the property sector. Think Economics can access and analyse cost effective human movement data for anywhere mobile phones are used.

Primary Market Research & Sounding

Get deeper insights about your customers in your targeted catchments with primary market research including surveys, focus groups and market sounding.

Providing flexible, innovative, objective and evidence-based advice.

Retail Expenditure Analysis

Get deeper insights about your customers’ spending behaviour, lifestyles, income and expenses, backgrounds and many other factors that influence retail expenditure patterns.

Think Economics retail expenditure data and spatial platform is underpinned by Precisely, whose MapInfo platform and Consumer Spend Potential datasets are integrated into our location intelligence solutions.

Geospatial Analysis & Mapping

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then spatial analysis and mapping allows you to visualise and solve complex location-oriented problems and better understand where and what is occurring in your part of the world.

Knowing and visualising the location of sites, what’s near them, and how they’re connected can help you better locate potential customers, refine network strategies, and choose the next successful property location.

Sectoral and niche market analysis

Get data driven and fact based economic and property insights across all sectors, portfolios and geographies. We keep comprehensive proprietary datasets across a range of general and niche markets including, retail, residential, health, medical, retirement, aged care, land lease, tourism and childcare to name a few.

Business Intelligence

Development of tailored business intelligence reports and dashboards according to client needs. Reports bring together the most important metrics and KPIs for each specific case, with a flexible user-friendly interface and visuals.